May 14, 2011

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - The Appletini

(My sister is reviewing the movie. I'll link her review here when it has been posted.)

The Appletini

  • 1.3 oz Sobieski(100% Rye) vodka
  • .5 oz Mother's Sour Apple Schnapps
  • .5 oz Cointreau
  • Apple slice for garnish (courtesy of my sister)
The Appletini is a drink that really surprised me. The Cointreau did an excellent job of balancing out the overly sweet schnapps to make a drink that is more balanced than its reputation suggests. Unfortunately, the vodka was lost behind the noise. It's not something that I will insert into my regular rotation, but it's something that I can foresee drinking from time to time.

Snow White was completely lost on me once I began to drink. All I could think about was Amy Adams in Enchanted. An attempt on her life is made using an Appletini made with a poison apple that follows the rules of Snow White's apple. Besides that, Enchanted is a better movie in almost every way and Amy Adams is as lovely as she is talented.

Nathaniel: [with an absurd French accent, setting down a glass of apple martini by Giselle] For the nice lady. From a secret admirer. 
Giselle: Oh! 
Robert: A secret admirer? How come people keep giving you free stuff? 
Giselle: What is it? 
Nathaniel: It's an apple martini, miss. 
Giselle: Oh, apple mar... ooh! It looks yummy. 
Robert: Yeah, be careful, it's poisonous. 
[Nathaniel growls at him] 
Giselle: You're joking. 
Robert: Yeah. 
Robert: No, they'll creep up on you, though. I'd be really careful. 
Giselle: Well, I'll just have one sip. 
Nathaniel: A sip is all it takes. 


  1. You should make a book of these, Disney inspired drinks. And have your own food network show.


  2. Thanks. You're too kind.

    Does Food Network have a craft beer and/or cocktail show? If not, I'm free and volunteer to host it for them.

  3. Mmm, Appletini. Haven't had one in a while. May have to change that.

    I've seen a couple of drinking shows on the Food Network---I've not been thrilled with them. Just kind of so-so. It's tricky not to look like a snob on this subject.

    I'm not sure I'd say Enchanted is a BETTER movie than SW, but maybe more accessible to a modern audience. I will say that Snow's voice is so ridiculous and off-putting that it can be a barrier to a viewer's enjoyment. But SW is certainly a more important film; there'd be no Enchanted without it.

  4. Snow White's importance in the history of film is unquestionable. What is questionable is the quality of the film. The real story of the film is the Queen's vanity and what it pushes her to do. She is the character of action in this film and her story deserved more screen time. Everything that Snow White does is reactionary. Even her true love is one of convenance, she only shares one scene with him.

  5. Having played the Evil Queen in a production last summer, I readily agree that the real story is hers. But I think that's often the case with fairytales---hell, Aurora sleeps through her story. But I while I also agree that perhaps the script isn't perfect, so much about the animation, the visuals and the score are top-notch.

    The Spouse has a theory that Snow is actually dead, not just sleeping/comatose, and that the end of the film is her afterlife---the prince waking her and taking her off to his castle in the clouds. (He just said, "It's all a big Jesus thing." Heh.)

  6. You'll get no argument from me regarding the non-script elements. It's an artistic success that easily stands the test of time.

    The Spouse is a genius. This interpretation works remarkably well.