May 4, 2011

Disney Cocktail Challenge: The First 25

Here's the new list with cocktails matched to movies. Thank you Abigail for the great suggestions.

1Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Appletini- I've decided to pair "Princess movies" with "girly" cocktails. An Appletini is just too perfect for the girl poisoned by an apple.
2Pinocchio: Grasshopper
3Fantasia: Martini - I'm using the music and compilation films to explore the martini and some of its variations
4Dumbo: Pink Elephant
5Bambi: Bambi
6Saludos Amigos: Margarita (On the rocks)
7The Three Caballeros: Tequila Sunrise
8Make Mine Music: Vodka Martini
9Fun and Fancy Free: Dirty Vodka Martini
10Melody Time: Gibson
11The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad: Shandy
12Cinderella: Cosmopolitan
13Alice in Wonderland: The Red Molly - Alice in Wonderland calls for some absinthe
14Peter Pan: Shirley Temple - underage drinking is frowned upon in this establishment
15Lady and the Tramp: Salty Dog - For Tramp
16Sleeping Beauty: Mimosa - The classic brunch cocktail for the girl who needs to wake up
17One Hundred and One Dalmatians: White Russian - It's white with spots(ice)
18The Sword in the Stone
19The Jungle Book: Gin and Tonic - introduced by the British East India Company's army in India
20The Aristocats: French Martini
21Robin Hood: Gimlet
22The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: Brooklynite - It contains"hunny"
23The Rescuers: Dirty White Mother - In honor of Medusa
24The Fox and the Hound: Whiskey Sour - It seems like a drink suitable for Copper's owner
25The Black Cauldron:

And so I am stuck. All help is appreciated.


  1. Paul, these are great choices---the Spouse made an excited "of course!" kind of noise when I said that you chose Gin & Tonic for The Jungle Book. I like your idea about martinis and their variations. (I'm a dirty vodka martini girl in this category, esp. with blue cheese-stuffed olives.) Aristocrats could be a French Martini (it's got Chambord in it) or a pousse-cafe of some kind...

    He's found a Dumbo---a Pink Elephant (it's a shaker drink): 1 part white cranberry juice, 1 part berry vodka, 1/2 part raspberry liqueur, 1/2 part limoncello.
    And a Bambi, which is called a Bambi (I was hoping for something forest fire-y 'cause I'm horrible like that): 2 shots whiskey, 1 shot Coke, 2 lemons worth juice---2 drops of bitters into the glass and shake it around, shake the other ingredients together (in the shaker)and then stir them again in the glass.

    Now he's searching for drinks with pumpkin for Ichabod and Mr. Toad. But we're also thinking that a Shandy sounds like a tavern-y beer drink, BUT something Brits would drink, too.

  2. This is a great list, and it sounds like a really fun project.

    Black Cauldron: White Russian. That movie deserves a milk based drink.

  3. Thanks, but you and The Spouse deserve most of the credit. I never could have gotten this far without help of both of you.

    The French Martini is perfect. I'm eager to explore the martini as much as possible. Chambord is always fun to play with. The Bambi sounds especially excellent. It's the cocktail I'm most looking forward to right now.

    What mixology book do you two recommend? I'm tired of doing it all on the internet.
    The remaining films from this batch are:
    The Sword in the Stone
    The Black Cauldron

  4. @Airplane: Crap, my timing was bad. I didn't mean to ignore you. I'm sticking with the White Russian for 101 Dalmatians because it has been a particularly hard movie for me to match. What do you think of Black Russian for The Black Cauldron? I've never seen the movie, does milk or cream play some part in the story?

  5. We've got an Old Mr. Boston, and The Spouse says it's a great basic standby. The Harvard books are good, too---they've had a long-standing bartending course. We've got a lot of rum/tiki drink books 'cause we lean in that direction, but we also have some old books from various used bookstores and yard sales here and there. There's such an upswing in cocktail popularity right now that there's a ton of new books on the market.

    We're pondering potions...